Plain and Simple

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Name Rating Genre
The 40 Year-Old Virgin Legendary Comedy
Idiocracy Excellent Comedy
Happy GilmoreExcellentComedy
Old School Excellent Comedy
Beverly Hills Ninja ExcellentComedy
21 Jump StreetGood Comedy
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Good Comedy
The Wolf of Wall Street Good Comedy
Shaft Good Comedy
Step BrothersGoodComedy
Role ModelsGoodComedy
The Invention of LyingGoodComedy
Big DaddyGoodComedy
Back to the Future Good Comedy
3 Idiots Good Comedy
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Good Comedy
The Apartment Good Comedy
Chuck and LarryGoodComedy
Palm SpringsGoodComedy
50 First DatesGoodComedy
That's my BoyGoodComedy
Liar LiarGoodComedy
Other GuysGoodComedy
Fatman Good Comedy/Dark
Free Guy Good Comedy
Ready Player One Good Comedy/Adventure
Thunder Force Good Comedy/Adventure
Upload Good Comedy/Drama
Love and Monsters Good Comedy
The Big Lebowski Good Comedy
Anchorman Good Comedy
The Lion King Good Drama
WALL·E Good Drama
Coco Good Drama
Toy Story Good Drama
Up Good Drama
Inside Out Good Drama
Snatch Good Action
Men in Black Good Sci-Fi
Me, Myself, and IreneGoodComedy
Something about MaryGoodComedy
Monsters, Inc. Good Comedy
Groundhog Day Good Comedy
Guardians of the Galaxy Good Comedy
Long Shot Good Comedy/Political
The Hustle Good Comedy
Spaceballs Good Comedy
Spaceballs Good Comedy
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Good Comedy/Kids
Curse of Bridge Hollow Ok Horror/Comedy
Sing Ok Cartoon
Me Time Ok Comedy
The Man From Toronto Ok Comedy
Pinocchio Ok Cartoon
Senior Year Ok Comedy
Queen Pin Ok Comedy
Red Notice Ok Comedy
JoJo Rabbit Ok Nazi/ Comedy
Cruella Ok Family
Little Man Ok Comedy
Beach Bum Ok Odd/ Comedy
Philly Philly Wang Wang Ok Odd/ Comedy
House Guest Ok Odd/ Comedy
Meatballs Ok Odd/ Comedy
America: The Motion Picture Ok Cartoon
Home Alone Franchise Ok Comedy
Sisters Ok Comedy
Fast Times at Ridgemont High Ok Comedy
21 & Over Ok Comedy/Party
Kindergarden CopOkComedy
Coming 2 America OkComedy
Bill and TedOkComedy/ Music
Bad Trip: The MovieOkComedy/ Reality
How to be a Latin LoverOkComedy
Just Before I Go Ok Comedy/Drama
Bad Roomies Ok Comedy/Drama
Zoolander 1 & 2 Ok Comedy
Movie 43 Ok Comedy
The Sleep Over Ok Family/Comedy
Finding Nemo Ok Comedy
How to Train Your Dragon Ok Comedy
Life of Brian Ok Comedy
The Truman Show Ok Comedy
The Grand Budapest Hotel Ok Comedy
The 41 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt SuperBad About It Ok Comedy
Turning Red Garbage Comedy/Kids
The Bubble Garbage Comedy
Home Team Garbage Comedy
Home Sweet Home Alone Garbage Comedy
Captain Fantastic Garbage Offbeat/ Comedy
Mad Families Garbage Comedy
This is 40 Garbage Comedy
Sherlock Jr. Garbage Comedy
It Happened One Night Garbage Comedy
The Gold Rush Garbage Comedy
Mary and Max Garbage Comedy
Network Garbage Comedy
Paper Moon Garbage Comedy
The General Garbage Comedy
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Garbage Comedy
Some Like It Hot Garbage Comedy
Little Garbage Comedy