Plain and Simple

Psychological Movies - the shows that mess with your mind.

Name Rating Genre
I am MotherExcellentSciFi
Shutter Island Excellent Mystery
The PrestigeExcellent Mystery
Inception Excellent SciFi
V for Vendetta Excellent Political
In the Shadow of the Moon Excellent Psychological/Time Travel
Disturbia Excellent Psychological/Crime
Predestination ExcellentSciFi / Time Travel
I'll Follow you Down GoodDrama / Time Travel
Cleaner GoodMystery
They Live Good Oldy/ Comedy
A Cure For Wellness Good Thriller
Sightless Good Horror
Prospect Good SciFi
Se7en Good Mystery
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Good Drama
The Sixth Sense Good Drama
Donnie Darko Good Horror
The Adam Project Ok Psychological/ Action
Extraterrestrial Ok Sci-Fi
Old Ok Psychological
Synchronic Ok Psychological/Time Travel
The Awake Ok Psychological/Thriller
The Nines Ok Psychological
After Ok Suspense/Fantasy
You Ok Thriller
The Woman in the Window Ok Thriller
Anon Ok Thriller
Mother/Andriod Ok Sci-Fi
Time Trap Ok Sci-Fi
Fractured Ok Action/ Comedy
I Still See You Garbage Mystery/ Thriller
Mute Garbage Sci-Fi/ Tech
Tenet Garbage Sci-Fi/ Tech
Zone 44 Garbage Sci-Fi/ Tech
The Discovery Garbage Sci-Fi
Midsommar Garbage Psychological/Cult
The Visit Garbage Psychological/Horror