Plain and Simple

Scary Movies - the creepy, scary, monster, being chased shows.

Name Rating Genre
Black Phone Excellent Horror
TerminatorExcellent Sci-Fi
AlienExcellent Sci-Fi
The Skeleton Key Excellent Horror/Mystery
Zombieland I & II Excellent Horror/Comedy
Se7en Excellent Mystery
The Thing Good Horror
The Hunt Good Suspense
Candyman Good Horror
The Final Girls Good Horror/Slasher
The Silence of the Lambs Good Drama
Jaws Good Action
PredetorGood Sci-Fi
I am Legend Good SciFi
Donnie Darko Good Horror
The Curse of La Llorona Good Horror
Haunt Good Horror
The Cabin in the Woods Good Horror
The Descent Good Horror
Bird Box Good Horror
Us Good Horror
Army of the Dead Good Horror
The Hole in the Ground Good Horror
The Ritual Good Horror
Urban Legends Good Horror
Psycho Good Horror
The Shining Good Horror
Doctor Sleep Good Horror
Don't Breath Good Horror
It Good Horror
Brightburn Good Horror/ Superhero
The Prodigy Good Horror/ Superhero
Old Ways Good Horror/ Thriller
Death of Me Good Horror
Freaky Good Comedy/ Horror
Villians Good Comedy/ Horror
A Quiet Place I & II Good Thriller
The Invitation Ok Horror
The Rental Ok Horror
Werewolves Within Ok Horror Comedy
Frozen Ok Nature/Horror
The Unholy Ok Religous/Horror
Blood Red Sky Ok Thriller/Horror (dubbed)
Willy Wonderland Ok Weird
The Dead Don’t Die Ok Comedy/ Horro
ClinicalOkHorror/ Thriller
Seven in HeavenOkHorror
The Curse of Bridge Hollow OkHorror/ Comedy
The Curse of Sleeping Beauty Ok Horror/Fantasy
Mama Ok Horror
The Silence Ok Horror
The Thing Ok Horror
Invisible Man Ok Horror
Escape Room Ok Horror
Mama Ok Horror
Things Heard and Seen Ok Horror/ Drama
His House Ok Horror/ Thriller
What Lies Below Ok Horror/ Mystery/ Sci-Fi
Run Ok Horror/ Thriller
Open House Ok Horror
Eerie Ok Horror/Drama (Filipino)
Alone Ok Thriller
Unhinged Ok Thriller
Slender Man Ok Horror
Restoration Ok Horror
The Apparition Ok Horror
The Ruins Garbage Horror
The Devil Below Garbage Horror
Greta GarbageHorror/ Thriller
The Boy Next DoorGarbageThriller
Toys of Terror Garbage Horror
Velvet Buzzsaw Garbage Horror/ Thriller
Truth Or Dare Garbage Horror/ Thriller
The Witch Garbage Horror
VHS Viral Garbage Horror
Spawn Garbage Horror/ Action
The Gift Garbage Horror/ Thriller
The Child Remains Garbage Horror
Deadly Illusions Garbage Horror/ Thriller
Save Yourself Garbage Suspense