Plain and Simple

Serious Movies - the believable, true, crime, pure dramatic shows.

Name Rating Genre
You People Excellent Comedy
Don't Look Up Excellent Man vs Nature
V for Vendetta Excellent Mystery
Good Will HuntingExcellent Drama
The PrestigeExcellentMystery
I am MotherExcellentSciFi
Shutter Island Excellent Mystery
3:10 to Yuma Excellent Western
Inception Excellent SciFi
The Prestige Excellent SciFi
Wrath of Man Excellent Crime
Hustle Excellent Basketball
Father Stu Good Drama
Windfall GoodCrime/Drama
Never Lose Focus GoodConman/Drama
Gravity GoodSpace/Drama
Donnie Brasco GoodCrime/Drama
Gran TorinoGoodDrama
The Lord of the RingsGoodSciFi
Sherlock HolmsGoodMystery
The Ninth GateGoodMystery
Knives OutGoodMystery
Searching Good Mystery
Greenbook Good Drama
A Fall from Grace Good Thriller
Requiem for a Dream Good SciFi
Blade Runner Good SciFi
Stalker Good SciFi
The Shawshank Redemption Good Drama
The Godfather Good Drama
Schindler's List Good Drama
Pulp Fiction Good Drama
Fight Club Good Drama
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Good Drama
Goodfellas Good Drama
It's a Wonderful Life Good Drama
Léon Good Drama
The Green Mile Good Drama
American History X Good Drama
City Lights Good Drama
Casablanca Good Drama
Modern Times Good Drama
The Pianist Good Drama
The Departed Good Drama
Whiplash Good Drama
Rear Window Good Drama
Witness for the Prosecution Good Drama
American Beauty Good Drama
Citizen Kane Good Drama
Vertigo Good Drama
Reservoir Dogs Good Drama
Amadeus Good Drama
Lawrence of Arabia Good Drama
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Good Drama
A Clockwork Orange Good Drama
Taxi Driver Good Drama
Full Metal Jacket Good Drama
To Kill a Mockingbird Good Drama
The Kid Good Drama
The Sting Good Drama
Scarface Good Drama
Unforgiven Good Drama
Catch Me If You Can Good Drama
Rocky Good Drama
Barry Lyndon Good Drama
Casino Good Drama
Dead Poets Society Good Drama
The Sixth Sense Good Drama
Room Good Drama
No Country for Old Men Good Drama
There Will Be Blood Good Drama
Hotel Rwanda Good Drama
12 Years a Slave Good Drama
Million Dollar Baby Good Drama
L.A. Confidential Good Thriller
Saving Private Ryan Good Action
A Time to Kill Good Drama
Gladiator Good Action
The Usual Suspects Good Thriller
Interstellar Good Thriller
Self/Less Good Sci-fi/Action
Fargo Good Thriller
Unknown Good Thriller
The Tax Collector Good Serious/Crime
Skater Girl Good Serious/Uplifting
For Life Good Prison/ Law/ Drama
Beckett Good Action/ Drama
Peanut Butter Falcon Good Drama/Comedy
Anna Good Shoot-em up
Once upon a Time in Hollywod Good Drama/Comedy
Driven Good Drama
Indian Horse Ok Drama
Harriet Ok History/Drama
The Impossible Ok Nature/True Story
Sleight Ok Thriller/Crime
The Vanished Ok Thriller
The Bad Batch Ok Serious/Wasteland
The Kitchen Ok Serious/Crime
Outbreak Ok Serious/Pandemic
Monster Ok Serious/Law
Tombstone Ok Serious/Western
Criminal Ok Action/Drama
Unbelievable Ok Crime/Drama
I am All Girls Ok SciFi
In the Name of the Father Ok Thriller
The Great Escape Ok Action
Warrior Ok Action
Platoon Ok Action
Mortal Engines Ok SciFi
The Help Ok Drama
Raging Bull Ok Drama
A Beautiful Mind Ok Drama
The Elephant Man Ok Drama
Hacksaw Ridge Ok Drama
Into the Wild Ok Drama
Stand by Me Ok Drama
An Unfinished Life Ok Drama
Prisoners Ok Drama
Spotlight Ok Drama
The Princess Bride Ok Drama
Gone Girl Ok Mystery
Enough Ok Drama/ Thriller
The HighwaymenOk Crime Drama
Ginny and GeorgiaOkDrama
The Weekend Away OkTravel
First They Killed My Father Garbage Drama
Mute Garbage Mystery
Full Metal Garbage Action
The Vault Garbage Heist
Above Suspicion Garbage Serious/Crime
Fatherhood Garbage Serious/Family
Before Sunset Garbage Drama
The Best Years of Our Lives Garbage Drama
The Craft Legacy Garbage Fantasy
Dangerous Lies Garbage Mystery
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Garbage Drama
Gone with the Wind Garbage Drama
Cool Hand Luke Garbage Drama
Chinatown Garbage Drama
Ran Garbage Drama
Judgment at Nuremberg Garbage Drama
On the Waterfront Garbage Drama
The Maltese Falcon Garbage Mystery
A Good Marriage Garbage SciFi
The Third Man Garbage Mystery
Persona Garbage Mystery
Dial M for Murder Garbage Mystery
The Grapes of Wrath Garbage Drama